Ed Hunter [biography]

Ed Hunter

“ Although I do figurative pieces, my sources are mostly hills and coast. I'm out on the hills every week and there is a natural drama there with changing cloud and weather patterns and a wee element of risk.
You soak up (sometimes literally) the atmosphere, and the challenge when you stand looking at the canvas,is to intensify the reality of the experience. I know it is essential to look to new experiences to keep the work fresh, avoid repetition and keep myself charged.

While I'm a great admirer of the Glasgow boys and the Colourists and of course they are still relevant to what is going on with many Scottish painters today, it is part of the magic of the business that I can go and see a show with the work of Francis Bacon, Max Ernst or Andy Warhol and come out feeling mesmerised.

At the end of the day it all comes down to communication and you really want to express yourself in the best way you can.”


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