Gary Morrow [biography]

Gary Morrow

Gary grew up in Glasgow before moving to County Wexford, Ireland in 2016. Unusually, his academic studies were in the area of Computer Science and he worked at Strathclyde University until 2008 when he began his painting career. Primarily self taught and inspired by the great painters of the past, he learnt his craft studying and copying their work - from the layered approach of Italian masters such as Caravaggio and Titian to the more direct work of 19th and early 20th century artists. The Glasgow Boys, notably George Henry and William Guthrie, are key influences and following in their footsteps, Gary is an elected artist member of the historic Glasgow Art Club.

His work has attracted attention from collectors across the UK and America and has been used in various advertising campaigns and exhibitions.

"I work primarily in oils, painting a variety of subjects, but particularly enjoy the still life and the subtleties of colour, tone and shape that nature presents under a neutral light. There is a beauty in that subtlety and my goal is to reflect that in as honest and direct a way as possible. The play of light and shadow is crucial in providing a strong composition. I typically use a restricted palette, often only 2 or 3 colours. From this foundation, various warm and cool greys can be mixed giving the sense of harmony that I aim for in my work. Paintings are blocked in loosely and rapidly at first to give an overall sense of the finished piece before the forms are more firmly established. Plants and flowers make for an incredibly varied and challenging subject matter due to their inherent beauty, purity of colour and incredible variety of form. I also find metallic and glass surfaces extremely interesting to paint as they mirror the larger composition and provide dramatic contrasts of light and dark amongst more muted natural textures."


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